Custom Shopify Development

We've built custom solutions for dozens of Shopify stores, including applications and storefront features making extensive use of the full Shopify API and platform functionality, like automated event (webhook) processing, advanced admin management tools, specialized dynamic front-end features, complex 3rd party integrations and multi-tenant installable apps.We've dealt with the nitty-gritty of building robust, effective Shopify solutions, down to optimizing for the API's leaky bucket rate-limit across parallel background workers doing large batch jobs, undocumented API additions and gotchas and "bank-shot" workarounds to tricky platform limitations. If it can be done, we'll figure out how.

Custom apps at competitive prices

We've built our own Shopify app hosting platform that is designed to help us streamline the creation and maintenance of Shopify apps. This means that we can produce complex apps at very competitive prices, without skimping on quality.

Our hosted platform

All custom applications require hosting, maintenance and security updates... the list goes on. So the idea of commissioning a custom app can be intimidating - it's a lot of technical overhead to take on for a small business.  That's why we take care of all that for you, on our custom platform that's built just for hosting Shopify apps. So you can feel safe knowing that your app is being monitored and maintained on our platform.

Bespoke Shipping Services

We've used the Shopify CarrierService API to create custom shipping services for clients who wanted to only charge for certain categories of products, charge different rates per product-variant and even use a custom algorithm to calculate freight rates.

So if you're being held back by the available shipping options on Shopify, we can help.  


Developer Expert
Our work has been reviewed and approved by Shopify in order to become a Shopify Expert. You can see our Shopify profile, here:

Don't just take our word for it!

Lisa and Paul have been fantastic developers to work with on our shop. They have a deep understanding not only of Shopify, but other web services and how to tie those together in order to create the customized applications and services we needed.

The first custom app we needed built resulted in us getting answers from other Shopify Experts that it was either impossible to do or that it would cost $100k+. Lisa and Paul came in with a proposed solution that would achieve our goals and at a budget that was far more reasonable and that we could actually afford! They were also willing to take a phased approach that allowed us to get the basic functionality built out and to continue to enhance it as we grew and needed more complex features.

Beyond that they are both incredibly responsive and available to chat whether resolving a bug over email or walking through technical details on Skype. At this point we've worked with a number of different freelance developers (both Expert and non) and Lisa and Paul have by far been the best ones to work with!

So Choix

Once I posted my issues, they got contacted me asap and were able to fix my issues easily and quickly. The work was 100% as they said it would be, and their response time was beyond prompt. Thank you.

Jordan Samuel Skin

I hired Pogodan to build a Shipping App for my Shopify Website for over a 5 week period. Pogodan did a lot of things very well. First, they came up with a clear plan and made sure not to go a dollar over budget. Second, they were in constant communication to explain updates and discussed different scenarios to make sure the App worked just right. Third, Pogodan made sure to test and re-test until the program was in perfect working order. We were very happy with the results and will use again.

ATD Capitol


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